MARCO BACIGALUPI - Handcrafted Pipes

  • MARCO BACIGALUPI  - Handcrafted Pipes
  • MARCO BACIGALUPI  - Handcrafted Pipes
  • MARCO BACIGALUPI  - Handcrafted Pipes
  • MARCO BACIGALUPI  - Handcrafted Pipes

Energitismo Insight

Marco Bacigalupi is a creative ‘Doc'. He models his materials with the same skill with, for sixty years, he has shaped the circumstances of life. Energitismo came to know Marco, before our birth, through his creation of one of our most prized works, the violin tree. Marco came to the passion for the art of smoking a pipe, when his father gave him one. He was twenty and since then he has continued to smoke it because,as he likes to say almost whispering behind his moustache: “The pipe is a work of art, beautiful to look at, caressing to smoke.”
Since 1983 Marco Bacigalupi has built pipes for himself and for a small number of friends. For him, “the pipe is work of art that involves all senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch from when I create till I smoke. I prefer a smooth pipe that is softer to the touch, so I often decide to polish wood, that may even have some imperfection, where sandblasting may offer new expressive possibilities.”
Marco works only roots of Triona and Provence that are aged more than 20 years and he likes to generate classical form while searching for new lines and shapes. “Each pipe has its own history before being smoked.”

The Creator



Marco Bacigalupi was born in Genoa in 1952: "a Young sixtyish man, stubbornly Ligurian and still full of the fun of life." His laboratory is the hinterland of Gavi, in the village of Valrossara, from which he overlooks the valleys and Woods. Marco has worked loving with wood all his life, creating unique pieces of furniture, sculpture and ornaments. The pipe as a unique and unrepeatable piece, is his enduring love.

Marco is capable of inventing and reinventing himself in different forms. He loves good food, reading, walking, animals and everything that can amaze him.

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Gavi is a town in the Ligurian Apennines between Genoa and Milan. It is worldwide famous for its white wine which dominates the landscape: rolling hills alternating between woods and vineyards. For this reason its 5000 inhabitants live in many rural villages.

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