Hermitage of Saint Michael Archangel

  • Hermitage of Saint Michael Archangel

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The hermitage of Saint Michael Archangel is located in Montorio in Valle, in the municipality of Pozzaglia Sabina. It is a small church built inside a cave, where, according to tradition, the warrior killed the dragon. Today this territory is part of the Way of St. Benedict. The cave, which is mentioned in the records of visits in Sabina by Cardinals Odescalchi and Corsini, is located outside the town, at about 1,000 meters above sea level. The date of construction of the church is shrouded in mystery. The wall is in the Romanesque style; inside you can admire the altar with the statue of the Archangel and, to the right of this, another minor altar with a Carolingian mosaic. Also in a niche there is the Ossuary, said to be of the Hermits, which could be formed from the remains of the dead buried here before the commencement of the Montorio cemetery took place in the nineteenth century. Every year on the first Sunday of May Mass is celebrated in the cave.

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