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Details of Collection Work

Elegance and Technology combine to create: Porta di Luce.

Porta di Luce is a fusion between the skilled craftsmanship of the enterprise Tondin and the new frontiers of technology represented by ruby dye solar cell panels crafted in Korea and set in a high quality wooden frame. The energy produced feeds a strip surrounding the door frame of illuminated LEDs as well as sensors for environmental data.

The door is the first example of integration of transparent solar panels of the third generation in an element of the house and in this design they are used in entrance foyer. The door is capable of producing energy also within the housing with the normal diffused light because technology emulates photosynthesis. Similar to a "living" plant, these modules produces energy with light and do not need direct sun, so these glass panels can generate energy in all light conditions even within a dwelling.

Craftsmanship, Science and Consciousness

The Porta di Luce, deriving from neo-classical design, is finished in matte white lacquer and decorated with an elegant frame covered with silver leaves. Instead of the normal glass 12 solar modules were inserted comprising ruby coloured transparent DSC technology in glass, feeding strips of LED lights to create an effect of soft light around the perimeter of the door and between the two central doors.

The Porta di Luce uses solar cells of third-generation DSC (dye-sensitized solar cell) because it emulates the process of artificial photosynthesis, through the use of coloured dyes that are excited by light to create electricity. Among the benefits are the avoidance of high-priced raw materials, a production process that produces no toxic emissions, a range of natural colours of the active dye, and improved performance in low light.

Light without the Sun

The Porta di Luce is able to generate electricity without direct exposure to the sun, so it is able to work even in shade and cannot suffer from short circuit problems of other solar cells.

The whole operation is controlled by electronic circuitry, a built-in long life rechargeable battery concealed in the frame of the door, and low-power LED lights. This leading technology is produced by a company specializing in the design and manufacture of sophisticated customized electronic systems.

The Porta di Luce is the first ‘concrete’ example of how sustainable technology can meets art, thanks to the timber craftsmanship and design skills of Tondin and selection of appropriate next generation renewable energy technologies.

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