What is an unforgettable icecream? I would say that with my long experience of ‘chronic addiction to ice cream’ the answer is a holistic experience.

Eating an ice cream is an experience that can give you a moment of joy. When we go to a bar rather than a supermarket to buy an ice cream, we are moved by the desire to pass a few pleasant moments and we are seeking to enjoy at a higher level, a holistic level, because we don’t want an ordinary banal experience.

We must learn to choose just the right ice cream to sate our desires, otherwise we fall into the trap of counting calories and we suffer guilt.

For many years we have become accustomed to flavours being monopolised by a few brands throughout Europe from which every year the colours of the packaging may change, but not the flavour. ‘Limited editions’ of artificial flavours prepared in sachets, have invaded many ice cream parlours aka ‘fastfood’.

Yet yesterday I gave myself an unforgettable experience. I had an ice cream from a maker who uses ‘Noble Milk’ (from cows that graze predominantly in pastures) with real fruit. I’m lucky to live not far from the Fattoria La Frisona (Friesian) and I went there to meet Andrea Colagiacomo.

I took a leap into the past, in fields with scents and views that seemed to be those of my childhood. I met a family that has been passed down the knowledge and love of farming and milk production. The new generation has studied processing of products based on milk and as well as selling the milk, have started to close the loop, producing high quality products and founded their own brand.

These products are found in the best circles such as Eataly, Slow Food and associations whose name is a homage to love: “National Association of Cheese Under Heaven”. I’m used to read such stories in magazines and never imagined being able to live directly near the house.

I took a punnet of recently made ice cream back home. Its core ingredients were noble milk and fruit from organic farms, processed at the laboratories on the farm, at the right temperature and under vacuum, so as not to lose nutrients and flavours. And the final ingredient was the smiles of the people who prepare it.

In the evening we enjoyed this ice cream on the terrace, with scents of summer and the last sounds of the countryside. An unforgettable ice cream creating holistic tastes and emotions.

I do not think I can return to the platitudes. I checked and there are two bars in Segni and one in Colleferro that sell these La Frisona ice creams. I must find them.