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Energitismo brings Art to the Museum of Rugby

The Museum of Rugby and Energitismo have created an initiative to show the role of art in the sport of rugby, with a function at Mauro Bergamasco’s summer school for young rugby players in Cavallino (about an hour either by swimming or driving from Venice!). A sport can be differentiated…

Articolo Rugby

Corrado Mattoccia – Rugby enters Museums

If you get to know rugby you immediately love it. It is a sport that leaves no one indifferent. The story of the ‘third half’, when the teams meet after the game and celebrate together, is one of the peculiarities that transforms the sport of rugby into a lifestyle involving…

40 A Sea of Elegance – Coral Jewelry

A sea of Elegance – Coral Jewellery

We have just toured a very special museum, for entry by invitation, a museum of coral jewellery and artifacts created since 1805, and especially since 1855 when the house of Ascione was created in Torre del Greco. It is still there, one of the proud companies in Italy that have…

2 MoMA in NY it worths a trip!

MoMA in NY: it’s worth the trip!

The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, in central Manhattan sometimes has been criticized for being too Eurocentric. I think that we can forgive them for collecting some of the most magnificent works of art from the last part of the nineteenth century and early 20th and combining those with contemporary…

9 Images from Beirut the art of Raed Yassin

Images from Beirut: the art of Raed Yassin

At Artissimma in Torino, last October, we were attracted to a stand of Kalfayan Galleries from Greece that exhibited work, not just of Greek artists but also of artists from around the Mediterranean,including Raed Yassin.   In the centre of the stand were three apparently Chinese dynasty vases which on…

3 A Touch of Medici in Veneto Finance and Art in Bassano

A Touch of Medici in Veneto: Ivano Costenaro mixes Finance and Art

Ivano Costenaro explains: ’The insurance company is my work, art is my passion.’ This reminds us of the Medici approach to banking – astute and cautious, loyal and personal, characteristics that appear to be at the base of the business philosophy of Ivano Costenaro. For without a stable financial base,…

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