The Energitismo world is an adventure in Renaissance. The adventure seeks to discover ’Human Treasures’, those people who create hand-made elegance. It is a joyous adventure as it takes one to all corners of the world and, just as the creation of art is never-ending, our search is a daily renaissance.

As in the macrocosm of the world, so in the microcosm of a village, the human treasures we seek may be already famous in the world or have led humble lives among their families and friends in a village in the plains, near the sea or in the forest. And our job is to seek out these people, artists, artisans small to medium business creators and bring them together into the Energitismo world.

What we are creating is a network connected by the spirit of artistic endeavour – a network that offers to these people an opportunity to express themselves on the world stage, to exceed their dreams of self-fulfillment.

In Energitismo we collaborate with other networks with similar approaches but diversity of ambitions. One such organisation that we collaborate within Italy is Ad Hoc Consilia, a meeting place of business entrepreneurs, founded by Giordano Agrizzi in Treviso. These people share the goals of searching for excellence in their lives and work and of advancing their businesses through collaboration.

One of the means by which the Energitismo world promotes our members is through events where the artists and artisans present their works to the selected public. Through these events the artisans can find a cost-effective means of marketing, where the costs of planning advertising, establishment of the venue are amortised across the members participating and supported by Energitismo investment. A key element of these events is the venue which must reflect the standards of excellence to which the members aspire.

On 29 April, the Energitismo world held such an event with Ad Hoc in Villa Tacchi, a grand villa between Padova and Vicenza. Thirty five of our members from across Italy, Greece and Canada displayed their works, and four members demonstrated artistic and artisanal skills – Paolo Bellò painting a classical mural, Gjergj Kola portraiture, Adriano Spigarolo and ….. ceramic art, and ……from D’orica producing silken gold jewellery, a necklace of which was modelled as a vernissage piece from the successful Veneto based consortium giving rebirth to the Italian silk industry.

The participants were presented with joy and aplomb by Claudia Bettiol the President and ’chief story teller’ of Energitismo. Telling the story of a work, the artist, the village is a key element of the Energitismo world, so that we can bring home to potential customers the life behind and amid the works.

Following a convivial supper, the approximately 100 guests were treated to an ‘educational experience’ on wine consumption from a Bossa Buffona drinking jug, a part of the wedding tradition of central Veneto.

An evening to remember linking creators from across the spectrum of life.