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Museum of the world’s most interesting barber in Isola del Liri

Right in the center of Isola del Liri, in front of the imposing waterfall, in a late Neapolitan Baroque tenement you can find something unexpected: the world’s most interesting barber!

I do not know if Marco Sardellitti is the best barber in the world or not, but he certainly is the most original and the

Three friends and the dinosaurs of Sezze

The story of the greatest discovery of dinosaur footprints in central Italy, in the Lepini Mountains near Sezze, starts accidentally.

We are in 2003 and Jurassic Park had a profound impact in the lives of each of us making us rediscover the world of dinosaurs and rekindling the desire to be discoverers. In many parts

Marco Giustinelli Intercultural exchanges in Futsal

It was almost by accident that I met Marco Giustinelli and learned the history of the invincible team of Polisportiva (Sports School) Paolo Forte Colleferro Futsal, although to say almost by chance is a bit misleading because his stature cannot go unnoticed.

He has lively and almost transparent eyes that provide a glimpse of all

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Museum of Rugby and Confucius

Rugby is a sport with a unique ethic that distinguishes the players and fans. It has a spirit that goes beyond sports and borders on life. The meeting between heads of two Rugby Museums has strangely reminded me of the teachings of Confucius. But first things first ….

The occasion of the match between the

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Shazia Naqui: a destiny for traveling

Shazia Naqui Carfagna: in her name is contained her fate. Shazia is a name of Persian descent and, like all the names of the children of Urdu culture, was chosen by her parents with a precise meaning: ‘rare’ ‘Princess’ – beauty and royalty.

Shazia was born in Karachi, Pakistan, to Indian parents who had moved

Mario Benedetto Robazza and his Marble Horse in Rocca Priora

The story of the prancing horse of Rocca Priora in the Castelli Romani coincides with the history of its sculptor, Mario Benedetto Robazza, a great living artists. Mario, a man whose life has been filled with action that is more interesting than a James Bond film.

For those who pass daily along the Via Anagnina,

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Quirino Briganti: a ‘glocal’with Lepini Mountains in his blood

I do not remember hearing Quirino Briganti speak about Monti Lepini (Lepini Mountains) in high school but I’m sure this ongoing connection between caring for the local community and being open to the global was already born those years ago.

I lost sight of Quirino for a while and I found him again when he

Famous Arnò Personalised Perfumes in Venice

Do you know the scents, the essence of Sicily? Have you been enveloped by the scent of citrus blossoms (flowers of oranges and lemons) in late March?

If you have experienced these emotions, then you can understand the story of Giuseppe Arnone and his creation Arnò that has recently arrived in Venice, at the

Antique Marching Band Paliano: power of joy

In Italy there are many pageants and festivals, but when you add music they can become a party that brings the past and present and that’s what makes the Antique Marching Band Paliano something special.

We do not know always exactly how people lived in the past, how they enjoyed themselves, which jokes made them

La Selva, a park born from the dream of a prince

La Selva is a forested bird park in Paliano, about 30 kilometers south of Rome, that has an amazing story which suddenly came back alive a few days ago during the opening of a ‘holy door’ in nature.

The opportunity to celebrate a Holy Year in a green environment had attracted a lot of public

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