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Presepe of Serrone imagining Bethlehem

It is Thursday after Christmas on an early winter’s day in Serrone, in central Italy, with bright sunshine and a breeze blowing the leaves off the oak trees and spreading them in little swirls on the road.

Our friend, Giancarlo Flavi, has drawn Claudia and myself from the quiet of the blogger’s room to seek

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Rocca Priora: a Terrace over Rome for Inferno by Robazza

A spectacular terrace over Rome is site for the museum dedicated to Master Robazza in Rocca Priora, a town that, from its summit, continues to play a role as guardian of Rome.

You come to Rocca Priora along the ancient Via Latina and you will be enraptured by the beauty of nature, a perfect colour

Australian Celebration of Jubilee of Pope Francis

The Australian jubilee has its own spirit and towards the end of the Year of Mercy it celebrates in a special way with three of its finest artists: Niké Borghese, Kevin Brophy and George Palmer.

The performance, called ‘Faces of Mercy’, has been held in Sydney on 23rd October and will be in Rome in

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Exploring Albania with its great contemporary artists

Artists and an art exhibition of the Holy Mother Teresa by Gjergj Kola and sculptor Hevzi Nuhiu help Albania to be discovered along with its great contemporary artists.

The occasion of the exhibition was to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations between Albania and the Holy See which had been interrupted during communism. In recent

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Searching for Beauty on a trip to Santa Scolastica Monastery

On the hillside before Subiaco  you drive up past Villa Nero, his summer hideaway of which little remains, to reach the Abbey of Santa (Saint) Scolastica, the monastery honouring the sister of Saint Benedict, and a place of natural beauty.

It is one of 12 monasteries in Subiaco founded by St. Benedict of Norcia, and

Atocha Sunken Treasure gives birth to Golden Eagle

To find sunken treasure is the dream of many a boy and buccaneer.

One man’s dream became a reality when in 1985 after 16 years searching Mel and Deo Fisher discovered, buried in the sands near the sunken wreck of the Spanish galleon ‘Atocha’ a cache of 13,500 carats of emeralds from the legendary Muzo

Easter in Umbria: ‘Living Paintings’

Among the most striking manifestations of Easter in Umbraia, the ‘living pictures’ of Città della Pieve, organized by Il Terziere Borgo Dentro, are certainly worth more than a mention.

A group of figures created by members of Terziere Borgo Dentro interprets paintings by great painters inspired by the passion of Christ and Easter. The masterly

‘Quizling’ the Quiz Educational tool

We want the best for our children and we need to find a way to educate them without annoying them, trying new forms of ‘edutainment’ or ‘infotainment’ using quizzes such as ‘Quizling’ as a quiz educational tool.

For instance, a core part of the educational process for children virtually worldwide comprises tours, visits to museums,

Claudio Brunello: Words of Art

Until February 4, there is an experience in Vicenza that will slowly captivate you. On the upper level of the bibliophile’s friend, Libreria Galla, in the Caffe’ Galla, stands an exhibition by Claudio Brunello of a selection of his operas – words of art – from the last several years.

He chose the title ‘HAPPY’,

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Moiseikin Jewellery – Journey Beyond Luxury

I was introduced to Viktor Moiseikin at his stand at the Dubai International Jewellery Exhibition. I firstly met his Director International Development, Teruko Okamoto, a charming and expert Japanese lady, whom I asked where Moiseikin was from – Ekaterinburg – ‘Yekaterinburg!’ I expressed surprise: ‘In the middle of Russia!’ (actually less than quarter of

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