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Claudio in Uscio Wonderland: In Rabbit Hutches

Walk, walk … when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes passed her, almost touching her. There was not too much to be amazed about, nor Alice thought was it so strange to hear the Rabbit talk, saying to himself: “Alas! Alas! I’m late!”

(When Alice later recalled it, she realized she should have wondered,

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Castelluccio di Norcia in the Cave of Apennine Sibyl

The legs are demanding proper rest but the heart and mind have no time for these trade union style requests. Should fully enjoy that state of bliss induced by the crystalline air, the endless green landscapes at over 1500 meters high.

We walk for about two hours, but by choice. We could leave the car

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EVENT – “Do you love your job and are you special. What do you miss to be even more successful? “

Make a reservation for the first seminar titled:
“Identity: Who are you? How much value is your brand?”.

The seminar is organized by Claudia Bettiol and the Energitismo group and is part of the cycle:

“Do you love your job and are you special. What do you miss to be even more successful?”

The cycle consists of

Claudio Nardocci: one, no one … and six thousand and eighty-three

Encountering Claudio Nardocci I had the idea of talking with a man and instead I found myself talking to 6,083 personalities, all affiliated to the Pro Loco of Italy UNPLI – National Union of Pro Loco Italian. 

I asked him some questions but the answers inevitably were examples of the best success stories of some

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