As I related during an Energitismo event, every piece of my jewelry holds a story, born of emotions and images experienced during my travels in Africa. Here I describe briefly the story of my pendant, Nascita Beta.

During one of my most recent trips with a group of friends we decided to rent a couple of boats to take us to discover new and unspoiled places, we decided jointly to navigate towards the archipelago of Radama in Madagascar, namely the island of Kalakajoro.

After about 60 miles of sailing we reached our destination and landed on a deserted white beach lapped by clear blue sea with infinite shades of turquoise. In our faces you could see the joy and excitement and we let out a liberating scream that in those moments marked the union and the harmony of the group … but there was work to do. We took the fish caught during the voyage to prepare for dinner, prepared the tents and lit the fire before a story or two and then came time for bed.

The morning sensations wake you early. At about 4 am I decided to take a walk and was wrapped in my thoughts. When I chose to turn around to return to the camp, the image I saw caused me great emotion – it was the exact moment of sunrise, coming from behind dense vegetation where lianas and mangroves showed off their silhouette, the birth of a new day when the night gives way, a moment that is always magical with strong emotional impact. My breath escaped me for a moment, but that moment was so strongly imprinted in my emotions that I had to try to reproduce it through my work.

Born from that experience is this pendant, where thin filaments are woven around a golden disk of Chalcedony that represents the rising sun and the rough cuts mark the transition from night to day …. Just like in that magical moment.