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Economic Sociologist, CIT NETWORK di N.B. - Founder and General Manager.

Cenedese, master of Murano glass

Being born in Murano marked the life of a young man and the destiny of Simone Cenedese to become a master of Murano glass. His words flow clear as he tells us about his love for the Murano glass.

He was only 7 years old when he went to play in the furnace room with

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Fabio Fornasier: candles in the wind

Fabio Fornasier is a master of Murano glass who has transformed the traditional Venetian chandelier into a futuristic element of elegance intended for classic and modern interiors.

Through his desire to go ‘against’ banality and mediocrity, Fabio has created the LU-Murano chandelier that has bewitched important clients around the world. One line in the latest

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Coral of Torre del Greco: a tradition of jewelry

Salvatore Formisano and his sisters Anna and Gemma, with love and passion drive the historic family business Coral Orafa Mediterranean, based in Torre del Greco, the cradle of the coral of Torre del Greco.

In his own words he transmitted to us his love for Italian traditions and told us how to Torrese is precisely

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Franco Sonzogno skis from gondola wood

The skis of Franco Sonzogno are “like violins”, said his wife Angela when she tried them the first time. Skis that her husband had prepared with infinite love using gondola wood from Venice.
And so were born the ‘Ski Stradivarius’ (named after the famous violin maker) and in 2000 a club was formed that includes

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Kamira: revolution in Italian espresso coffee machines

Italian espresso has a new taste! The appealing and full-bodied taste that Nino Santoro has been able to achieve with his invention, the Kamira coffee pot.
The history of Kamira coffee is one of the great stories of Italian creativity, even as a Sicilian born in Taormina from visceral love of Nino for coffee. An

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Felix Diaz: creating with music

Music is vibration, art is vibration, life is vibration and in Cuban Feliz Diaz (Jotaf) all these things coincide and collide.

Born in Cuba, where the Caribbean colours blend with musical rhythms, where art is an everyday experience, means artists are of an unusual type. So it happened to Felix Diaz (Jorge Felix Diaz Urquiza)

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Elegant satire in the art of Fabio Taramasco

Watching the artistic creations of FabioTaramasco is a sensual pleasure. Immediately you are struck by the comic idea of the work and the skills of its realization. Then you smile with the title. And finally you may understand in depth the meaning and conceptual links.

Fabio Taramasco defines himself as a “pop-conceptual” artist and in

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Ceramic Wear of Gabry Cominale

There are women who surprise with their sweetness and others with their determination. Gabry Cominale represents both aspects and expresses her personality and being in her creations of “ceramic wear.”

Gabry started working making fashion knitwear by hand and interrupted her work when she found ceramics. Her teacher Guido Garbarino had warned that she would

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Glass Made: the charm of glass doubled

The glass creations by Glass Made excite with colour, variations of transparency, and the skill with which they are made. ‘Glass Made’ was born from the meeting of Denis and Maya.

Denis, the Italian, came across glass by chance at twenty, and learnt to love the strict lines and the care of detail. The Brazilian

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Antares: modern jewelry from Murano glass

Milanese design and Venetian tradition blend in jewelry of Murano blown glass made by Antares jeweller Fulvia Notari. Twenty six years ago, Fulvia, an architect from Milan, moved to near Venice, fell in love with Murano glass and decided to create “wearable objects”.

With love and time she came to know the characteristics of the

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