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Park La Selva named ‘Prince Antonello Ruffo di Calabria’

There are men who leave the deepest footprints on the ground where they softly tread and others that leave them only in the hearts. Antonello Ruffo di Calabria has changed the history of Paliano building a nature park dedicated to birds at a historical moment in which all others were building industries.

The overwhelming story

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Marco Giustinelli Intercultural exchanges in Futsal

It was almost by accident that I met Marco Giustinelli and learned the history of the invincible team of Polisportiva (Sports School) Paolo Forte Colleferro Futsal, although to say almost by chance is a bit misleading because his stature cannot go unnoticed.

He has lively and almost transparent eyes that provide a glimpse of all

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Museum of Rugby and Confucius

Rugby is a sport with a unique ethic that distinguishes the players and fans. It has a spirit that goes beyond sports and borders on life. The meeting between heads of two Rugby Museums has strangely reminded me of the teachings of Confucius. But first things first ….

The occasion of the match between the

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San Martino with Cesanese: when all the ‘must’ becomes wine

Again this year the producers of the Cesanese of Piglio meet to celebrate St Martin’s festival on the November 11 and try the new wine of a very special season. It repeats the tradition that aims for this day to be dedicated to the ‘fruits’ of autumn: wine, chestnuts and polenta – to connect

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Piglio Cesanese, new frontiers of homeopathy in vineyards

Piglio is famous for its Cesanese DOCG red wine and now also its fame will grow due to the particular way in which some winemakers are taking care of their vineyards. This is the case of Geminiano Montecchi who uses homeopathy in vineyards to protect his vines and organizes courses to disseminate this culture.


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Shazia Naqui: a destiny for traveling

Shazia Naqui Carfagna: in her name is contained her fate. Shazia is a name of Persian descent and, like all the names of the children of Urdu culture, was chosen by her parents with a precise meaning: ‘rare’ ‘Princess’ – beauty and royalty.

Shazia was born in Karachi, Pakistan, to Indian parents who had moved

Piglio: over 360 years of gratitude to Our Lady of the Roses

A church packed with votive offerings, two processions every year, a brotherhood, a family that cares for the statue of the Madonna and the competition to become part of the organizing committee: this is the Festival of Our Lady of the Roses in Piglio.

The story began in 1656 when there was a terrible plague

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Exploring Albania with its great contemporary artists

Artists and an art exhibition of the Holy Mother Teresa by Gjergj Kola and sculptor Hevzi Nuhiu help Albania to be discovered along with its great contemporary artists.

The occasion of the exhibition was to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations between Albania and the Holy See which had been interrupted during communism. In recent

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Digital Story Telling – The Digital Storyteller

We all grew up with fairy tales, myths and legends told by grandparents or teachers. For thousands of years the stories have been repeated in every generation until the arrival of the ‘digital generation’, where children from an early age are in contact with smartphones, computers and are connected with the network.

When children are

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October Pilgrimage: the medieval paths to Rome

Why do thousands of people every day walk along medieval paths to arrive at their final destination, on a pilgrimage that is not only religious?

Each walking two trips: one in the real world and one within himself. But let’s see where this story begins the ways that lead to Rome, Santiago de Compostela

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