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The Agro Pontino brand of taste: from history to the table

For Italians the Agro Pontino brand has always existed but maybe it needed a logo to make it recognizable abroad. The history of the Pontine Plain and the birth of the Agro Pontino seem recent but are rooted in the centuries past.

As a particular fate, in the coasts of Lazio, south of Rome a

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Flowing down the Liri River, sports and culture unite all towns

The Liri river has separated the peoples of the two regions and today marks their revival with an event that involves 15 municipalities and their entire populations. That event, ‘Scorrendoconilliri’ combines sport and culture in an embrace that makes the event one of the most exciting and engaging in which you can participate.

The sport

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Be cured with food? A Ferentino bakery is for you

The Internet is full of advice on how to be cured with food, how to eat healthy and on gluten problems. But finding someone in Ferentino making bread and pizza according to the principles of Nutraceutical (Nutrition + Pharmaceutical) was a surprise.

At first glance Gusto Antico seemed like any other bakery any and Luciano

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Ceprano and Liri: when geography makes history

Water is life for man and all the ancient towns built by man were born on the shores of some lake or river. But in the past the river was also a barrier to overcome and so the story of the centres of civilization are also modelled on rivers: this is the story of

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Discover Small museums: in Serrone Museum of Theatrical Costume

The museum of theatrical costume in the old town of Serrone is a small treasure-trove where the visitor can let imagination go free and ‘tread the boards’ identifying with the world of this or that character. Become a dancer, an eighteenth century Count, a nineteenth century gentleman or wear clothes straight out of a

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A treasure-trove of traditional poetry in Artena

A life given to traditional ageless poetry with alternate rhyme and to international poetry contests, 5 books penned, and a boundless love for Artena: this is Ezio Bruni – a man filled with poems in song.

First things first: What is a poem in heroic verse with alternating rhyme? What are the poetry contests?

The poems

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Museum of the world’s most interesting barber in Isola del Liri

Right in the center of Isola del Liri, in front of the imposing waterfall, in a late Neapolitan Baroque tenement you can find something unexpected: the world’s most interesting barber!

I do not know if Marco Sardellitti is the best barber in the world or not, but he certainly is the most original and the

Talk to your pet on January 17, Feast day of Saint Anthony!

Blessing the Animals is one of the most engaging religious events in the calendar and takes place on January 17, the day of the death of Saint Anthony, one of the most interesting figures of the Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Churches.

Suddenly the churches are full of pets meowing, barking and squawking, and in the

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The origins of the Befana: a festival dedicated to nature

All parts of the cycle of nature and also the feast of January 6 were created to celebrate an important moment in the life of the plants. Although today we see only the Three Wise Men or Befana, it all begins many years before and is linked to the winter solstice.

Winter is the time

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Three friends and the dinosaurs of Sezze

The story of the greatest discovery of dinosaur footprints in central Italy, in the Lepini Mountains near Sezze, starts accidentally.

We are in 2003 and Jurassic Park had a profound impact in the lives of each of us making us rediscover the world of dinosaurs and rekindling the desire to be discoverers. In many parts

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