What is Energitismo?

  • A portal promoting renaissance
  • An atelier of selected unique elegant products that come from the hands of fine artists, artisans and craftsmen.
  • A place to make creators and their localities feel truly special and enchanted.
  • A collection of stories on life and lifestyle

Our Story

Energitismo was founded by a group of friends who love art and technology and are thrilled by the opportunity to be part of a renaissance. 

Energitismo, the name, was born from a dream by Nicoletta Di Marco when researching new concepts for marketing renewable energy. From this catalyst,  in 2010 a group of friends (Claudia Bettiol, Alessandro Politi, Nicoletta Di Marco, Gavin Tulloch) prepared a cultural manifesto that formed the basis of the Energitismo Association.

Through the association we began to seek clean energy solutions from a buyer’s perspective, i.e. products with aesthetic appeal, and to inject new technologies, appropriate to a low carbon society about which the team members had expertise, into existing and novel products to meet the needs and desires of buyers.

From mid-2011 the core team began the search for existing products and for partners to develop elegant sustainable energy solutions. During 2012 we concentrated most effort on three projects (that now form part of Our Collection). They became known as ‘Living Jewellery’ in partnership with D’Orica and ‘Ponte De Luce’ with Tondin Doors, both of which incorporated solar cells that replicated photosynthesis, plus Solar Medusa, a family of solar water heater sculptures based on images from nature. Energitismo also introduced about ten other novel sustainable energy products at the launching in Vicenza on 26 October 2012.

In the following six months we visited many artisanal companies and listened with growing pleasure to the stories of men and women and their families who had created something special based on their joint skills and desires, but some of whom, for one reason or another, lacked the resources to effectively market the products to the addressable marketplace. What was common among all these people was their respect for the extended family that was their business.

The Energitismo mission, ’Discover Human Treasures’, arose from our associations with these ‘great humans’. To reach the type of customer who seeks unique elegant products, Energitismo needed an exciting marketing proposition. Of course, the web is part of the answer with attraction through articles of interest to our audience.

In addition we selectively use the social media to alert people whose first point of contact is now through those avenues. These posts attract the reader to sections of the website and particularly to the two product areas, Our Discoveries and Our Collection, where our partners display their best works of art and artisanal beauty.View and read more on this site.

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