For those fortunate to stay overnight on Santorini, there is time to plan for what’s on in Santorini.

Each morning the dawn greets the island from across the Aegean Sea spreading golden rays instantly warming the crescent shaped island and casting the caldera into temporary shade. Walking through the streets of Fira, the main town, before the shops open you see a side of the island reserved for the locals who sit with their Greek coffee, heavily sweetened, discussing politics and preparing for another day of commerce.

Whether you are in Fira or Oia, the best time to check out what’s on in Santorini (such as to find the Art  exhibition in the Santorini Art Center on the walkway to the Old Port) is either early in the day before the noonday sun that still beats down on the cobblestone and marble walkways, or at dusk when the sculpture is shining, jewellery shops are glittering and the fashion boutiques are lit up.

Whether you arrive on a cruise or stay for a rest, there are special experiences that make Santorini a one-off experience. Most people who seek what’s on in Santorini come for the caldera view and the sunset, to sit in a restaurant with a Santorini salad and white wine, swim in a tiny pool hanging over the precipice, or just sit at a bar with an Alfa beer or cocktail dreaming in the scenery.

Yet Santorini holds much more. For people coming ashore from their cruise ship, the choice to reach the top of the caldera wall is to walk, catch a donkey or ride the cable car. Try the donkey or dare to walk and you will always remember Santorini.

Near the top of the climb you will find on your left (or of course on your right when you walk down to the Old Port) the Santorini Art Gallery of Apostol.

You can’t miss it as full size sculptures of Winged Victory, Icarus, two marlins dancing, and giant fish draw you towards them. Enter through the gate into the ancient wine cellar. Stroll around and see the many treasures of Apostol, the famed Greek sculptor of mythology, music and sea creatures in bronze and crystal.

Scan through the paintings of scenes from Santorini life, nature and wildlife. Chat with Dimitris and learn some of the true stories of the island and some that are even more interesting. And then take home not just a memory but a truly wonderful work of art.

No description can better a viewing. See you there.