Our mission in Energitismo is to find people such as Luca Tondin who produce elegant and wonderful product to enhance lifestyle. They are our Human Treasures.

Each year we attend SPAZIOCASA in Vicenza to catch up with what is happening in the Veneto region and beyond in sustainable and artisanal products for the home. The exhibition was open from 20th to 23rd March 2014.

This year, the number of renewable energy product and project companies seemed to have declined reflecting the loss of incentives for integration of solar on the house, and possibly the lack of elegance (client appeal) in the product offerings. Yet there are new entrants, small companies showing for possibly the first time some exciting solutions for the house, that made a visit well worthwhile. And fortunately, the exhibition was laid out in a manner to allow one to stroll around.

Some of the traditional attendees had introduced new ranges that enhance sustainability with elegance. The offering of windows and doors by Tondin Porte included the 100% natural door using only natural finishes while including highly energy efficient structures, and excellent styling.

Among the several other products that attracted our interest were:

A range of ceramic tile designs (including some exciting restored multi-coloured pieces of tile), where the client can mix and match from the hand-made tiles, made by Zanolli in Nove. Words cannot do this exhibit justice.

A modern range of hand sculpted coloured glass shapes reminiscent of stained glass windows, and created by the nearly 200 year old stained glass company – Caron Vetrate Artistiche in Creazzo.

Santuliana Design – Fabiano Santuliana is a master metal craftsman from Arzignano who designs and builds fences, sculptures, garden arrangements, verandahs, doors, stairwells and ballustrades – whatever you may desire in iron. For us his pre-oxidised table and chairs are outstanding – a project that we felt should be named Tavolo di Lachryma Christi – reflecting the technique he uses to create the surface finish.