In every part of the planet we find a master of glass working to create beauty and enrich the emotional impact of those objects around them. In Treviso we met Vittorio Benvenuto who has gone beyond this desire by realizing and welcoming visitors to TINAS.

TINAS stands for ‘This Is Not A Showroom’, and it is a small dark labyrinth in which a person enters to enjoy the artistic beauty and craftsmanship of some of the glass creations by Vittorio.

Artistic creativity comes from a great inner need to express oneself, while creative craftsmanship comes from a deep knowledge of the materials with which you are working. When they come together, you may get a masterpiece that leaves you breathless with amazement, that leaves you overtaken by pleasure and the desire to be surrounded by so much beauty.

TINAS is a way to exploit the creations of artisanship by a master of glass in order to give prominence to the art from craftsmanship. During the short journey you are accompanied by the music of the master Carlos da Costa Coelho, each tune different and composed for the work on which we are focussing.

On entering the maze, a light turns on and immediately before you is a coloured glass installation which calls on the viewer to touch it (and I have done that to each of the works), and with that touch you experience the added dimension of the different feel of each of the various surfaces created by the master of glass.

When the music ends, the darkness returns and the sound of water in a waterfall begins until you are drawn by another light to lead the way to another work. Behind us, in confidence, there is always Vittorio, the master of glass, who is ready to answer our questions or to guide us if we lose direction.

What remains at the end of the journey in the small labyrinth is a series of fluttering glass leaves and then serenity and peace in part by the excellence of the work and the other part due to the sharing by Vittorio of his love for glass.

Vittorio prefers to call himself a craftsman and recommends that all designers, architects and artists who want to achieve excellence with glass come to Treviso to meet him and be guided by this master of the glass to understand the different techniques and the different solutions that can be imagined when creativity and craftsmanship of glass meet.