In the case of the architect, Massimo Marcomini, irreverence can also be seen as respect for tradition. Massimo is both an architect and a designer with Italian style provocatively combined with sensitivity. Recently he gave vent to his creativity by designing a chair and then redrawing it in a thousand different ways and putting it into unusual places.


The chair design, Les First, is an asymmetrical seat, with seductive metal inserts that can sit at the table, lounge room or waiting room, and Les First is just the beginning of a journey. Massimo has transformed it into a cult object customizable for classic, artistic as well as ironic situations.


Massimo, how did you come up with the idea of designing Les First the Chair?


The Chair was physically designed while I was driving in a car. I always have with me paper and markers to immediately condense ideas into images. Emotionally it was born earlier, on a sunny afternoon on Garda Lake in a villa designed by me for the muse: Miss T.


For her, I made a special house, with a terrace overlooking Garda Lake, designed in every little detail. When Miss. T had begun to furnish this house she stressed “the total inadequacy of the existing seats for the right aesthetic dimension – existential.”


This phrase has become a challenge, opening me to a world I never imagined would have such an impact in my life. My decision to broaden my horizon expressed in interior design was immediate.


Lake Garda … Vittoriale, the famous home of the eclectic poet D’Annunzio… sensuality and culture … what has this for you?


I am an Italian architect, by golly! Sensuality and culture are in my DNA! As to D’Annunzio, whose house on Lake Garda is a destination for millions of visitors. They are not split, it’s just bigotry that separates the two terms. Creation is by definition a moment of erotic tension. Just read the great poets of all times and of all nations to understand this. Catullus (who also came from here in Sirmione on Garda Lake) is always mentioned, but all artistic productions come from an “inner tension”.

As a designer, creation of Beauty is my engine and living in this area of Italy reminds me every day of the fundamental role of beauty in the pleasure of life and in the joy of creating.

It is enough to look at the enchanting gulf of Salò in the blinding light of the ‘dog days’ of summer well described by D’Annunzio as his gaze lingered in the direction of infinity ending in Riva del Garda. At that point, intoxicated by the beauty, I return to the world, through the rooftop garden and begin to create.


Beyond Les First the Chair?


The chair, in all its variations, is the beginning of a new path, a path in which I encounter, as a designer of fashion, exhibits by Capucci or other masters of Italian fashion, who have presented around the world, from America to Russia.


And it is the very idea of beauty, pure and simple, modern and often highly dramatic, which became Les First. I, as a slave of beauty, just obey my sensual creativity translating my vision into something that others can really enjoy.


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About the Interviewed:Massimo Marcomini


is an architect who goes beyond architecture and design in his work and life.