The East and particularly, China, Korea and Japan are rapidly growing markets for Italian Style and Taste sensations. The markets are not just for the brand names and mega companies because the growing wealthy section of society in the East seeks exclusivity, quality and elegance in products.

The weaknesses of the brand-names in this new appeal market sector are firstly that there is no differentiation between real name product and fake products and secondly that the market is becoming saturated with these brands that sell solely on high price. In many luxury brand-name cases a ‘real’ product may be made by the same manufacturer who produced the ‘fake’ products even down to the guarantee, so the market has real/real and fake/real. In addition true copies are produced with no apparent difference to the original and these are real/fake. Finally, such as the perfume market there are products that are fake/fake.

The market seeks elegant Italian Style and Taste in fashion and art, plus true Italian taste in consumable produce, whether oils, meat goods, cheese, wine or liqueurs. But, the retail buyer, seeking quality and ‘reality’ in elegant Italian products, is becoming discouraged with this confusion and with the plethora of similar designs.

The answer is to provide exclusive products from selected top artisanal designers and producers who guarantee authenticity. Yet there are barriers to fulfilling this desire. The ‘establishment’ cost for both the single producer/exporter and the retail buyer are high and, for the exporter, success is very uncertain. Even the ‘exclusivity’ market of over 10 million people in Korea, Japan and China is difficult to address and to achieve reasonable capture.

The solution is twofold. Market through a web portal that deals with elegant products from relatively small manufacturers, ones that can produce sufficient goods to meet the market, once established, and can assure quality. Sell through atelier (boutique outlets) in selected cities based on an evolution of art gallery model.

To fulfill the ‘dream’ of artisanal designers and producers to achieve direct export sales, those who qualify should form a marketing collaboration with a market development organisation that has established contacts in the target countries.

International travel is not required and establishment costs are less than attendance at a major fete.