Tiziana Paci is the author of 2 books on the method to be a fashion designer, “The Figure in Fashion” and “Male Figure in Fashion” translated in 8 languages ​​and sold in millions of copies (Edited by IKON for Italy and PEPIN for other languages). We asked her how these books on fashion arose.

How did the idea of ​​such a successful book arise?

The idea was born many years ago when I was teaching fashion design and I could not find a suitable manual. They were all too full of news, full of notions that ranged across a thousand different fields. They were certainly interesting, but not concentrated in a clear and thorough explanation on how to dress and how one might draw a fashion figure.

I called one of my former students, a talented stylist, Elisabetta Drudi – Kuki, and together we prepared the drawings. The first publication was a book on the “feminine figure” and goes back about 20 years ago. From the initial idea of a short manual of 30 pages we eventually wrote a book of 350 pages. After a few years, it has been followed by one on the “male figure” and over time, they have both been updated in content.

Can we say that you have invented a method?

The texts and graphics are the result of my experience in the field, both as a teacher and designer. I think that the ‘winning’ and innovative idea was to create a book with little text but full of beautiful designs, clearly and exhaustively reporting on the method to follow.

I then wanted to include a number of explanatory drawings upon completion of each teaching step. A book with lots of graphics and “visual” communication on the model of internet communication, although 20 years before the internet was so common. We anticipated the modern teaching methods.

Who are your readers?

The two books still have a large acceptance in a diverse audience of designers, students, and also lovers of design books who are not necessarily involved in the fashion industry. The manuals are also used by small and creative businesses who find applications that are easy to customize with their skill and fine craftsmanship, typical of the value of our small business.

Was it a surprise how it was received abroad?

The books, and in particular the one on women, have been referred to in dozens of publications of many authors who have followed my method ‘word for word’. Some have copied perhaps a bit too much, and every day I find many of my designs in a variety of domestic and foreign sites including Russia, China and India.

But this is just a credit to an idea born solely by the need to give a true and useful manual to pupils in fashion schools of every order and degree. My biggest surprise was when the text has also been adopted by international universities. I can only thank all my readers for the success.

You also teach abroad. What advice would you give to those who want to pursue a career in fashion?

I love to teach and to compare people and mentalities that are different from mine. I always learn from them and so I improve my methods. My small advice to those who are approaching the fashion world now is to widen their horizons, to not be afraid to go abroad and to deal immediately with the whole world.

About the Interviewed:Tiziana Paci


She lives in Pesaro and spends her time teaching in Italy and in emerging countries. She is now writing another book about her method