Ezio Zanardello is ‘the glazing zookeeper’ the creator, designer and manufacturer of the Ahura zoo of wild and tame animals whose common element is that they have immortality.

In Ezio’s Ahura Zoo, we find creatures great and small living in a land of giants or in lilliputia, but all sharing in peace and tranquility their shining visages, without fear of death or destruction from their fellow zoo members. Some sit, stand or lay side by side without fences or guards, while others swim, prance, leap or fly-but always within the safe confines of the zoo.

This zoo is not artificial, its Animalia are true representatives of their cousins who exercise movement in daily life. These animals will find a place with any collector attuned to the soul of the animal.

We stroll around the Ahura zoo, admiring its residents. The most powerful in the Ahura zoo may be the shining black panthers, mouths agape bearing their fang-like teeth and snarling at their prey. Beside them the bulldog, peacefully alert and tame, yet of similar size to the panther, quietly guards his master’s family and possessions from the preying cats.

Glorious peacocks in royal blue livery, stand erect with plumage spread calling their mates, while others rest. Two flamingos stand proud on a rock in their pool and a single giant crane stands to attention. White swans sail peacefully by with bright flowers in their backs, and ducks preen themselves beside a crocodile ready to pounce.

Among the plethora of farm dogs, a proud cockerel stands atop the stalls while goats and pigs sit quietly. Golden horses prance in their yard.

The most exotic Ahura zoo specimens are the golden white tigers and lions sharing pride of place at the entrance. A wide variety of other feline life includes leopards and jaguars, lynx and pumas, and household cats with even a puss-in-boots.

From the mountains come stags and mountain goats with eagles and hawks on the crags. From the savannah come elephants, rhinoceros, zebras and giraffes.

Finally in the aquarium we spy Japanese tropical fish and unaccustomed penguins.

Find the Ahura Zoo and start collecting the finest glazed art ceramic animals.