“The circumstances in which I found myself during the creation and development of LES FIRST the Chair clearly demonstrate that this novel and unique object of furniture was absolutely meant to come to fruition. I feel that I was simply a means to an end.”

One day while on the terrace of “our” house overlooking Lake Garda, I had to pinch myself when my fair haired muse, declared, with a mix of perplexity and irritation, how she found existing chairs shockingly inadequate for her aesthetic perusal.

From behind the impenetrable dark lenses of my oversized sunglasses I was shocked to hear such an unrestrained, artistic affirmation and I understood that her seemingly frivolous frustration actually expressed the intelligent desire of a continuous intellectual pursuit.

During a moment of silence, in my mind, I saw every possible resistant response flash before my eyes… Finally I gave in to the temptation: “Signora, I’ll design a chair for you myself and we’ll call it LES FIRST the chair”.

Not another word was said. I looked at the enchanting gulf of Salò under the blinding light of D’Annunzio’s scorching summer sun and I turned my gaze to where the lake Garda flows towards the far-off banks of Riva. I felt inebriated by the need to share such beauty with the rest of the world. I walked through the panoramic garden and I got on board my Smart-Shuttle, reborn as a designer and inventor of objects and figures of desire.

The drive from Salò to my Studio became a mental journey through the irresistible desires of a conscious anthropological gang: the SLAVES TO LUXURY… High speed towards a new turning point in my life for which my muse was the involuntary catalyst. From the creative never-never land in my mind, I attempted to wave at the dynamic projection of my shadow on the road, and I discovered the coy form and shape of LES FIRST the Chair.

LES FIRST the Chair came to life on paper at the traffic light in Goito (Mantua – Italy), through a lightning graphic birth with a blue marker on a very casual sheet of A4 paper: The first creature in a collection of sensual leather objects underlined by the seductive sheen of metallic cuffs on the borders: chromatic openings that allow for unprecedented domestic performance of LesFirst the chair.

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