The Riviera east of Genoa offers the visitor the beauty of its landscapes and much high quality artistic activity in the numerous art galleries, such as the “del Cavallo” in Valleggia di Quiliano, where the art exhibition “Colore, Forma, Segno” by Giuseppe Facchinello was held.

For this exhibition, Giuseppe, the well known ceramic artist from Nove, gaining recognition for his expressionist colours, created new sculptures inspired by marine life and adding a hint of irony that makes them original and unique. An example is the series of ‘fish bones’: heads and tails are blazing life with bright and happy colours – the rest is bones; this is just one example of the joy of this artist who understands how to represent the contrast between life and death.

At the center of the del Cavallo gallery there was an installation: groups of different ceramic forms, similar to rocks with surreal paintings on the one hand, which seem to recall the spirit of the Japanese Zen gardens. Even with a careful eye you do not recognize the work of master potter and these forms seem to be real rocks. So we could see the combination of an art form faithfully reflects nature (the stone) with allegorical paintings strongly representative of the human creative spirit (the paintings on the rock). Fiction and reality are intertwined and the only certainty is that each of us would desire a “stone ceramic” in his garden or on her terrace.

The exhibition was curated by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco who had seen the works of Giuseppe Facchinello in 2011 in Vicenza and had been struck by the vibrancy of his colours and the boldness of his forms.

The Art Gallery del Cavallo – Valleggia di Quiliano has built a reputation in the selection of talented young artists and is a reference point for those who love to discover the excellence while enjoying a vacation in a beautiful Italian seaside resort near Savona.