A stone can tell the oldest and most incredible stories. Stories which have been locked and hidden inside it. The new mosaic jewellery sculpture by Antonis Karakonstantakis reveal even more: they are jewels. Small, unique works of art, destined to adorn, as he says, ” breasts of women”.

Some stones are protected in the bowels of the earth, others are lost in high mountains, in inaccessible places, under the deepest sea, while others are near us.

Each one of them is unique, carrying its own memory and its own secrets. Antonis Karakonstantakis seeks to learn these secrets and he completes the story and transfers the message to us with his own unique way, by inlaying the tesserae to create stone mosaic jewellery.

How lucky he is when, while cutting the stone, he is the first who reads the story and feels its impatience – and perhaps the expectation – of being heard. I do not know if the artist himself has realized it, but he is a co-creator of the nature. Simple, subtractive, he operates as much as he should on the stone, which is a coloured canvas with harmony and combinations that only nature can give.

Every single stone is unique, each tessera is unique, each work of mosaic jewellery unique, the inspiration of the artist inexhaustible and the result is a piece of art that cannot be copied, something that did not exist in the past and will not exist in the future.

His work is difficult and demanding. From finding the right stones, which is not so simple, as the outside surface differs from the inside texture of the stone, to visualising the work to create the mosaic jewellery, the precise cutting and the inlaying for the final finishing, bringing out the texture and the colours for the mosaic jewellery. The stone is a hard material, it demands careful workmanship. At the same time it is so hard, but so fragile, and a wrong move can destroy it.

What is required is a precise work on a unique canvas. The result however more than compensates. Because, as cold a stone is as a raw material in nature, so warm can it be once worked. And when this vision is unique, from people like Karakonstantakis, it is made into a unique piece of art of mosaic jewellery.

Karakonstantakis, with his hands and his vision, mixes places, time, stories, because the tesserae are also made of stone. His themes are unlimited, just as nature is endless, without limits. His pieces of art always come with inspirational poems, which when you read them, let you understands how charismatic he is and how in a few lines he translates emotion into speech.