A Turkish bath and sauna provide a sensual experience sought by many but achieved in their own home by too few. They are the core elements for most of a water wellness centre and now the creativity of producers is moving to create new sensorial experiences.

The ultimate solution for a sensorial wellness center involves the use of stimulants for all the senses: colours, both in light and in ambient, perfumes, water and background music, flavours from the bar, and curved shapes. The fundamental idea is the continuing discovery of new experiences, where the movement of the water surprises and pleases.

It is a revitalisation of the philosophical concepts of the early bio-architects where the contact with natural elements was the objective for the creation of wellness and sustainability, where complex shapes and the absence of straight lines and corners follow the rules of anthroposophy.

If you can be complicit with the style of Gaudi or Hundertwasser, then you should feel comfort with this new ambience. Each project is unique and has its own ‘life’ style, because it is a blend of the architecture of the surrounds with the souls of the users.

One interesting example of this solution can be experienced in Parco dei Cappuccini in Gubbio, where the technology of Enrico Puppi, founder of Preformati Italia, and the design of Simone Micheli have combined to create such a wellness center.

The secret of the success is mainly due to the experience and curiosity of Enrico who is thrilled by the challenge of architects and designers. He is able to use high density closed pore EPS as a sculptor uses marble to create each masterpiece. Everybody can buy EPS (expanded polystyrene) but few can give it soul to excite people.

In true renaissance tradition, Enrico combines design skills of his architect associates, new aquatic and lighting technologies, new materials and structural engineering, style and functionality to create new spas, steam baths and wellness products.

To know more visit: www.preformatiitalia.it