Volterra is a wonderful Tuscan town first built by the Etruscans nearly 3000 years. Its main square has buildings dating back to 1200. It was chosen for the launching of a superb punchy electric racing superbike. A sustainable Italian bike in a sustainable and historical location of the hills of Tuscany.

The idea for ​​Energica, this electric bike, was born in the heart of two engineers from Modena with a passion for racing in their blood. Livia and Franco are sister and brother who grew up in the family business in the shadow of Formula 1 – and in the dream of emulating Enzo Ferrari – in that region which is defined as the “land of the engines”.

Their company operates in the high technology of 3D modeling and produces prototypes for the automotive industry. Therefore, to them it was ‘nature’ to imagine building a high-performance motorcycle that could participate in sporting competitions. And so, a few years ago, with one eye to sustainability and the other on the future, they invested and put their hearts into the dream to create the most beautiful and most handsome electric motorcycle: Energica.

Sports racing is the best place to test the quality of a vehicle under stress and to get improvement tips from professional riders. And the spirit of the competition is what drives the manufacturers to continually improve trim and technology to achieve ‘perfection’. Livia’s dream is to be able to represent in electric mobility what Ferrari has been for internal combustion engine.

The choice of the presentation of the superbike in a historic arena, such as the one of Volterra, is born from love for the traditions. The result was a perfect evening in which past, present and future came together in a unique combination. The medieval square was transformed into a party and, on the wall of the ancient municipality building of the thirteenth century, were projected images of the bike, Energica.

To put the last touches of art, then, in collaboration with Instagram, the team created a contest of images on the theme of technology and history. Selected results of the competition also were projected on the walls and some of those pictures had distinctive artistic merit and strong communicative impacts.

Livia Cevolini is founder and Managing Director of Energica. She is doing a tour in other cities to present the superbike and allow people the joy of a sustainable sport experience.