From a friendship an inn in was founded in Paliano. A Paliano osteria, just round the corner from the old gate, which immediately became a meeting place due to the magic of the place, the warmth of the welcome and the quality of food they offer. lt is “Osteria un Quato all’Uva”.

The place of this Paliano osteria? An old wine cellar dug into the sandstone where the stones have an unusual pink colour, a surface that looks painted, but that is natural. The kitchen is directly in the room, just as they had to be the ancient medieval taverns, in an original Paliano osteria. There are 25 seats inside in the winter and 80 in summer when they occupy the entire small square of the old town lit by the dim street lamp and the moon.

“Our philosophy is to select for our friends only local products of high quality. Our real goal is to surprise customers with the flavours of the district in which they live and invite them to continue to choose local products.”

When you choose something we tell you all about the manufacturer and of his philosophy. We meet Thomas Cenciarelli who tells us about the salamis of the Agnesina pork butchery, well-known in Paliano or the ancient Sebastiani pork butchery of Olevano, both with long family traditions. We listen to the detail of how to roast pork and how to select a good prosciutto.

Local cheese and honey produced in Paliano are tasted. Bread baked in a wood oven, by one of four friends, in San Procolo in the countryside of Paliano, where the “Antiche Bontà” bakery still uses the original yeast culture passed down over the generations. Everyone has a story. The wine is, of course, Cesanese from Piglio for the red, and Passerina for the white.

“We selected the Terenzi cellar for the red, both for its quality and for the history of the family. Paliano is located along the ‘Strada del Cesanese’ and the choice was ‘obligated’. But now we add another wine, an Affile Cesanese which has a very different flavour from that of Paliano. We are now picking the ‘story’!”

The secret ingredient in this tavern, then, comes straight from the heart: the desire to create a meeting point, to be the node of a network. The awareness that we must all support each other, if the area grows by network then all grow.

The four friends have expanded their Paliano osteria business and created connections with other local producers and other local Paliano people who they want to involve from the district. For example, they are directly connected with a local coffee tasting bar. If you want a coffee after the meal, they give you a token to pick it up in a room on the main street of the old town.

“If you dine with us you will have the coffee offered at the Decanter Wine bar. If you take an aperitif at the Decanter dinner with us and we will offer you a ‘quarto’ of wine! “

This Paliano osteria is simple and effective. Friendship and love are the keys to growth and to have ‘good times’ in life. Paliano is a relatively small town where excitement is still felt in the alleys and squares of the old town and people enjoy feeling involved in the life of the old town centre, even just for a meal among ‘friends.