Kola at ‘Artists Across Continents’

  • Kola at ‘Artists Across Continents’
08 September 2015
Kola at ‘Artists Across Continents’


On September 8, at the Brazilian embassy in Oslo (Norway), a vernissage will be held to launch the book "Artists Across Continents". This book contains three paintings by Albanian artist Gjergj Kola, including a portrait of Claudia and Gavin of Energitismo.
There will then be a second presentation of the book on October 23 at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a surprisingly young city whose development over its 1000 years of history have been based on trade. It is known among tourists for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Viking Ship Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum. A great place in summer with 18 hours of sunlight, but a bit dark in winter.

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