Energitismo with the German TV Channel “Arte” in Zagarolo

  • Energitismo with the German TV Channel “Arte” in Zagarolo
11-14 December 2015
Energitismo with the German TV Channel “Arte” in Zagarolo

Italy, Zagarolo

Claudia Bettiol accompanies German journalist Robert Jahn, and his TV troupe from the Franco-German cultural channel ARTE, to meet Italian craftsmen in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo.

The show will be broadcast in January in the program Yourope  for "young adults" which deals with challenges and issues that affect young people in Europe.

The meeting between Arte and Energitismo arose thanks to a story about Zagarolo "So many beautiful people in Zagarolo" that we told in our blog.

Italy, Zagarolo

Very close to Rome, Zagarolo has a shape rather "one-dimensional" along a ridge of tuff 2 km long lined valleys. Therefore it is impossible to photograph the imposing Rospigliosi Palace which occupies the entire width of the town. The Palace began as a military fortification, then prestigious residence, then factory of parachutes and military hospital. From private residence at a palace to serve the city, today Rospigliosi Palace hosts the Toy Museum and the numerous initiatives of local farmers and artisans. It is a living experience that combines art of the past and events of the present, a place where beauty is at the service of the community and helps to build a better future.

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