AUSTRALIA WALKABOUT: The journey of Aboriginal

  • AUSTRALIA WALKABOUT: The journey of Aboriginal
07-22 November 2015
AUSTRALIA WALKABOUT: The journey of Aboriginal

Noventa Vicentina, Italy

Walkabout "walking around" is the long ritual that Australian Aborigines undertake occasionally walking across the expanses of the Australian bush. At Villa Barbarigo (Noventana Vicentina) from November 7 to 22, an exhibition will tell the history and origins of this ritual voyage. The protagonists of the exhibition are:

Florio Pozza: musician and artist, with his metallic light sculptures that recollect the size of the Aboriginal dream and 'buxìe' (candleholders) inspired by graffiti artist Valdassa.
Moreno Pozza: architect and photographer. Through his photographs and his shining works he narrates his Australian history and his recent return trip.
Andrea Zelio: artist with a new line of bright lamps developed in collaboration with Florio Pozza: the technique of Florio meets the dreams of Andrea Zelio.
Fabio Scapin: designer and craftsman, presents his captivating line of chairs and armchairs similar to the Australian 44 Gallon drum furniture.
Tuesday: 10, 00-12,00
Friday: 15,30-18,30
Weekends: 10,00-12,00 15,30-18,30

Noventa Vicentina, Italy

Noventa Vicentina from "nove entia" i.e. new land, was born on the banks of the River Frassine on a flat area, while being just a few kilometers from the Euganean Hills and Monti Berici. Frassine river marks the border between Vicenza and Padua.

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