CLAUDIO BRUNELLO - Identity Container

  • CLAUDIO BRUNELLO - Identity Container
  • CLAUDIO BRUNELLO - Identity Container
  • CLAUDIO BRUNELLO - Identity Container
  • CLAUDIO BRUNELLO - Identity Container
  • CLAUDIO BRUNELLO - Identity Container

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In 2014 Claudio Brunello realized an installation called the "Wall" playing with some large containers of plexiglass, 2 meters on each side, enclosing within them messages from the artist. Some of these messages were written on translucent filaments finely folded, others were objects that evoke feelings or specific sensations. This interpenetration of this work of art as contemporary decor, of container and content, that show an inner message, which continues to be inside but is visible, has aroused great interest. From that moment Claudio Brunello began to develop new reduced forms that are carriers of different messages as personal art messages and items of contemporary decor. Today Identity Containers are becoming a form of furnishing on request. The art form transmits a message and provokes reflections, while being objects of furniture with which to enhance the environments in which they are inserted.

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Claudio Brunello began his artistic career in Turin with a strong attraction to geometric rationalism of the Bauhaus. Moving to Bassano changed his cognition of space and everything became more intuitive.

In these years he has been involved in the promotion and organization of exhibitions for local artists. His work was Informal art, where what emerged was a gesture, the spiritual-abstract period. Since 2002, his paintings have become small groups of canvases and abstract to conceptual. They were founded by combining many different and particularly recycled materials (wood, cloth, sand, copper) informally: the works became conceptual. He recently initiated his container design activities after the success of some of his art installations.

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Bassano del Grappa was renamed from Bassano Veneto, after the first world war, to commemorate the battles on Mount Grappa above the town. It is famous for creating Grappa and for the Palladio covered wooden bridge, often destroyed, but lovingly re-built. Bassano and its river Brenta connect the mountains to Venice 80 km south east.

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