Villa Mamurra

  • Villa Mamurra

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At this villa on the promontory of Gianola you can see the remains of an octagonal building, two Roman cisterns (Cistern Maggiore and the Cistern of 36 columns), a covered staircase (known as the Janara cave), the remains of thermal baths, and a pool for fish farming (Gianola harbour). The villa, on three terraces sloping down towards the sea, was built around 50 BC and belonged to Lucio Mamurra, a native Roman cavalier of Formia. The nymph is also called the Temple of Giano. The Roman port, however, was built in 1930 by the Marquis Carlo Afan de Rivera, owner of a villa, for protection of small personal boats. Among the users are the Italian nobility, fishing enthusiasts, those who come to Villa Guja (today's Hotel Miramare).

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