Valvisciolo Abbey

  • Valvisciolo Abbey

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The Valvisciolo Abbey, at the foot of Monte Corvino that protects it from the northern winds, looks down to the sea through the Pontine plain. It is dedicated to the first martyr Saint Stephen and its history dates back to the fourteenth century. The name Valvisciolo comes from a previous Cistercian monastery in nearby Carpineto and can mean either Nightingale Valley (vallis lusciniae) or Valley of the Sour Cherries (a variety of wild cherries). According to tradition, the monastery was inhabited by the Knights Templar who remained until the suppression of their order at the beginning of the fourteenth century. The entire complex consists of the Church, the Chapter House, the Refectory and the Cloister, which represents the heart and the most elegant part of Valvisciolo.

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