• Vallelunga

Energitismo Insight

The Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi is dedicated to, the pilot and the first designer of the asphalt runway. Vallelunga was built in 1951 by the family Pesci transforming a former racecourse and the first race was held on a track in the sand. Since 1967 the circuit has been owned by the ACI - Automobile Club of Italy which over the years has changed the layout, designed the buildings of the pits, the race control, the press room and the stand. Today, the total length is 4,085 m for cars  and 4,110 m for motorcycles and it is homologated to FIA for Formula 1 testing. Its track testing addresses the requirements of the Federal Rally School for SUVs. Every year there is an endurance race, called the 6 Hours of Vallelunga. Inside the complex you can visit the archaeological site "Roman road" that is of great cultural value. Since 2010 the Autodromo di Vallelunga is powered by a photovoltaic system that makes the energy for whole complex of structures with zero impact.

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