• Tusculum

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Tusculum is the name of a city in which one can find the ruins in a vast area covering many communities. The true story is still uncertain, its foundation is traced to Telegono, son of Ulysses and the sorceress Circe. For sure Tusculum was an Etruscan city and was inhabited from the seventh century BC. Its decline corresponds to the rise of Rome, this area became the chosen destination for many illustrious Roman characters including: Cicero, Sulla, Cato of Utica, Catullus, Tiberius, Nero, Commodus, who built beautiful villas in this area. In the Middle Ages, the area then passed under the control of the Counts of Tusculum, allies of the emperor Henry III, who ruled over the Roman countryside and was always at war with the pope for power. During the last battle in which the Tusculum family was roundly defeated, the town was razed to the ground on April 17, 1191 and since then has not anymore been rebuilt. Direct descendants of the Counts of Tusculum were the Colonna, who inherited the possessions but were not involved in the city life. The ruins occupy a large area, and include a theatre built in the first century BC by exploiting the natural slope of the hill. two tanks are visible (one of which was used as a water source until a few years ago), the walls, some roads with basalt and the Fortress, situated on the highest point on the site of the Roman acropolis with the temples of Jupiter and the Dioscuri. Here stood the baronial palace and the view reaches to the sea. There is an ancient Roman road called "Road of tombs" that testifies to the Roman custom of burying the dead alongside the roads leading out from inhabited places.

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