The Village Castle of Castiglione

  • The Village Castle of Castiglione

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The village of Castiglione is within walking distance from the town of Palombara Sabina and was founded around a castle. It has two concentric walls: an outside to defend the town and an indoor to defend the castle, the last bulwark of collective defence. The presence of a cistern of Roman style suggests that the hill had been occupied by a Roman villa as was customary at that time. The outer walls still has its towers that originally were as many as 17, built around the perimeter. The castrum is believed to have been built in later periods but not in a single stage. The agricultural use of the area since Roman times can be seen by the presence of seven levels of terraces, exploited and in good condition until the twentieth century; later, the urbanization of the hill has erased many terraces but some are still visible above everything in the immediate vicinity of the medieval village.

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