The Tuscolano Hermitage of the Camaldoli

  • The Tuscolano Hermitage of the Camaldoli

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The hermitage of San Romualdo was founded in the early seventeenth century to give the Order of the Camaldolese a location near Rome. This area was chosen because it already housed some hermits and the hermitage was started in 1600 thanks to a fundraiser. The fundraising was slow and so the first cells were ready only in 1607. In 1680, women were forbidden to enter (this rule still applies) and the only woman to enter was the Borghese princess who donated part of the decor of the chapel. To understand the spirit of the centre we can tell the story of Passionei cardinal who made many changes to the hermitage that were not required. At his death all these changes have been torn down by the hermits.

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