The Passerano Castle

  • The Passerano Castle

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The Passerano Castle is located on a hill in Gallicano in the Lazio countryside, along the lower way Maremma road. With its crenellated towers and medieval fortifications, it is one of the best preserved castles in central Italy and is in the middle of a farm that is still in production. Dating from the tenth century, when there was a "fundus" Passerano belonged to the monastery of Subiaco (Papal Bull of Leo VII 936). Then in 1400 it passed to the Colonna family, then Ludovisi, Rospigliosi and finally to Quintieri. In this fortress was imprisoned the Archbishop of Braganza, Maurice Bourdin (appointed by the antipope Gregory VIII) and the antipope Benedict X stayed there, as did Pope Nicholas II and King Ladislaus, after occupying Palestrina. The castle has a double wall with Guelph type of battlements that protect the "Palatium", the centre with a large courtyard. On the west side you can recognize the mighty elliptical tower, the last bastion of defense in case of attack. Outside the castle there is a church dedicated to St. Benedict.

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