The Olmate

Energitismo Insight

The origin of Olmate dates back to the 1600s, when Giuliano Cesarini, in the area of what was once the Villa of Antonini, created the tree-lined avenues with a trident spatial organization. Historians of the time defined the Olmate like a Villa. The idea of tracing the straight avenues that connect significant places of the city is not new in the Baroque period. The originality of Genzano is the search for prospects and spectacular scenes using the geographical features of Monte due Torri, the hill of Colle Pardo, the Capuchin Church, the backdrop of the Palazzo Sforza Cesarini. The desire was to re-create a unity all over the town that would becomes a perceptible system that transmits emotions. In 1797 Ratti wrote: "delights of holiday-makers, the wonder for tourists'.

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