The Old Port

  • The Old Port

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The port of Civitavecchia was built by Emperor Trajan around 100 AD with the idea of giving Rome another safe harbor. He commissioned the architect Apollodorus who designed a large, almost circular basin of about 500 meters, two large piers and an artificial island jutting into the sea to protect the dock. After the fall of the Roman Empire the area and the port of Civitavecchia have seen a series of invasions and changes of ownership, disputes between the papacy, various municipal powers and frequent Saracen raids. From the fifteenth century it became under Papal rule and the port was restructured. In 1508 Bramante built a quadrangular fort, Forte Michelangelo (maybe finished by Michelangelo himself). To this was added in 1608 the lighthouse of 31 meters and in 1659 Bernini began the arsenal. Finally the structure was surrounded by crenellated walls with the famous fountain of Vanvitelli. Some of these structures were destroyed by bombing during World War II.

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