The Museum of Musical Traditions

  • The Museum of Musical Traditions

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The museum is dedicated to music and popular song that marked the Arsoli tempo and is located in the former Massimo warehouse. The exhibition is divided into four sections: the band tradition, the pastoral tradition, the artisan tradition, plus music of the ancient brotherhoods and from popular religiosity. In the four sections a wide range of pastoral instruments are represented (reed flutes, cane clarinets, cane zampognetta, bark flutes, horns of animals and various kinds of bells used for the herds and animals from the barn) plus craftsmen instruments (accordion, slide drum, triangle and tambourine) used in the festivities. In the Brass Band section, besides the nineteenth musical instruments, there is a rich collection of transcribed  music, scores autographed by hand and photographic documents. While the last part is especially dedicated to pilgrimage to Santissimma Trinity it also includes the music, singing and instruments of popular religiosity with photographs, films and sound recordings.

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