The Fortress of Tancia

  • The Fortress of Tancia

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In the tenth century two fortified settlements were founded in Tancia along the road linking the Tiber Valley and the Rieti valley. The castle of Tancia, founded between 967 and 975, and the castle of Fatucchio, in 988. Of these two villages only ruins remain today, dominated by dilapidated towers. The two castles belonged to the Abbey of Farfa, although often the abbey ceded sovereignty a proportion of its shares to families, like that of Camponeschi, The Tancia fortress was still inhabited in the late fourteenth century, but gradually became depopulated, as did the nearby castle of Fatucchio, both for the great crisis in the late Middle Ages, and for an interest of the Roman baronial families, such as the Orsini, towards more remuneration from seasonal movement of stock.

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