The Castle of Fumone

  • The Castle of Fumone

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The first document dating from 962 on the Fumone Castle, informs that it was originally a fortress. It was subsequently used by popes for over 500 years as control of the southern territories and papal prison for political prisoners. For example in 1116 the Prefect of Rome, Pietro Corsi, the second charge after the Pope, was imprisoned there because he had formed an alliance with the Empire. In 1121 Pope Callixtus II locked Maurizio Bordino, anti-pope with the name of Gregory VIII, in the castle. He was buried in the castle and his body never recovered. However, the most important episode took place in 1295 when Pope Celestine V, the hermit Peter from Morrone, famous for dispensing miracle, was imprisoned there after abdicating and he subsequently died there. Since then the castle has also become a spiritually important place. Its grand roof garden is considered the highest open air roof gardens in Europe and the castle is home to several ghosts, one of them is the 5 years old Marquis Francesco whose embalmed body is still visible.

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