• CORRADO MATTOCCIA - The Art of Rugby
  • CORRADO MATTOCCIA - The Art of Rugby
  • CORRADO MATTOCCIA - The Art of Rugby
  • CORRADO MATTOCCIA - The Art of Rugby

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Since antiquity there has been a strong link between art and sports. From Egypt to the original Olympic Games and through the vast reaches of the Roman Empire, sports were feted by art in the form of drawings, frescos, sculptures, bas reliefs, jewellery, coins, ballet and song. The linkage lived through the Renaissance in pageants and games. Every sport has its artistic features, each sport has its aficionados who collect memorabilia and devote themselves to what is great in their sport, to what creates positive emotions. These are the people who embrace art as a permanent reminder of their sport, as something already recognized as valuable by people. Energitismo seeks these people and seeks to engage with their organisations and members so that the value of sport to a sustainable society may be even better recognised. These organisations are often museums, collecting and displaying what are important memorabilia to the members. For rugby in Italy, it is the Museum of Rugby (Mud and Sweat), based in Rome. Claudia Bettiol of Energitismo and Corrado Mattoccia of the museum have linked arms to create the fron row and then worked with one of our members, the Facchinello family to create the forward pack of The Art of Rugby. The Art of Rugby was then launched as one of Energitismo's Special Projects at the 2nd Anniversary Open Day on 15 November 2014. These projects are collaborations between Enegitismo members and external organisations such as museums and research institutes, with the aim of introducing new types of handmade art and artisanal products. The Art of Rugby was then released to the 'public' on 19 November at the week long exhibition of Jerseys of World Rugby held in the magnificent Palazzo della Ragione in Padova. The Artof Rugby will be available for purchaseon the Energitismo On-line Atelier.

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The Museum of Rugby is a foundation established in 2007 that, in 2010, received the bronze medal from the President of the Republic. Over the years, the museum, under the guidance of Corrado Mattoccia (President of the foundation), has collected over 14,000 memorabilia and 1,500 rugby jerseys from all over the world, all worn by players during important matches. The Art of Rugby, commissioned by the Museum of Rugby and Energitismo, has been created by Giuseppe Facchinello, expressionist ceramic artist from Nove, and every work is individually painted and signed.

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The town of Nove is near the heart of Grappa country, with Montegrappa crowning the landscape to the north. The name, Nove, comes apparently from the old Italian for ‘new’ deriving from the Latin Novus, not from 'nine' as in modern Italian. The lands where the town is located used to be part of the Brenta river,but as it receded, the soft lands that were exposed were found to be rich in clay. In Nove artisans are re-emerging in pottery and wine as well as jewellery, and their works can be admired in galleries, bars and restaurants around town.

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