ILARIO TARTAGLIA - Wood Weaving Looms

  • ILARIO TARTAGLIA - Wood Weaving Looms
  • ILARIO TARTAGLIA - Wood Weaving Looms
  • ILARIO TARTAGLIA - Wood Weaving Looms
  • ILARIO TARTAGLIA - Wood Weaving Looms
  • ILARIO TARTAGLIA - Wood Weaving Looms

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Ilario Tartaglia is not just a textile engineer, he is a man of culture who deeply loves what he does. He has dedicated all his life to become the leading expert in the art of designing and building wood frame looms.
To find the ancient techniques, which had been virtually lost by the hangover of industrial mass production, he began to study old texts, paintings and prints. Then he went around second-hand dealers and many rural houses that were being re-built to recover and repair antique looms that had been thrown out. Now he re-creates the first computers, punched card operated looms.
In the basic Venetian tradition, every girl had a loom in the house to weave her wedding trousseau. And thanks to this tradition, many types of fabric and artistic works were invented to make using these looms easier.
He visited many craftsmen, studying frames (old and reconstructed) and his bibliographic work is collected in his lab and is available to those who want to learn. It is a museum laboratory projected into the future, not simply nostalgic or didactic. Ilario organizes courses attended by many people who intend to build a new profession combining culture and crafts, art and technology.

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Ilario has returned to his roots. He was captivated by the loom and the craft of weaving when he was just 15 years watching the Mahatma Gandhi.

He studied textile technology and engineering in Milan before commencing his career in protection and creation of fine woven textiles. He has spent 45 years immersed in the technology of the Jacquard and related looms, learning and perfecting the techniques of the great craftsmen.

Now Ilario has created company with his past students, run a cultural association and teach this great craft of the past 500 years. He is a Rinascimento man placed at the entrance to the 21st century.

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Cartigliano lies on the north bank of the river Brenta, just at the start of the flatland. Throughout the middle ages, the area around Cartigliano was very attractive to the various marauding hordes, ending with the Hungarians. After the discovery of the Chinese silkworm, it became a major centre for silk. The current town hall was built as a pseudo Palladian villa just before 1600 for the family Morisini who could view from it over 1000 fields, plus mills and factories for converting the efforts of the silkworm into luxurious cloth.

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