• MAURIZIO SIGNORINI - Grand table
  • MAURIZIO SIGNORINI - Grand table
  • MAURIZIO SIGNORINI - Grand table
  • MAURIZIO SIGNORINI - Grand table

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Maurizio is an award winning bio-architect and designer who has created elegant furniture based on the used.
Sustainability and Elegance from a Rinascimento (Rebirth) of Venice. Sitting in Maurizio’s studio one immediately notices an elegant yellow (award winning) light standing next to the desk and he points out another inverted and hanging over the desk. Step by step, he brings us with him in reminiscing on his journey from being a young architect through awakening of interest in bio-architecture, to his passion with the true meaning of colours and hues and the use of light.
It seems his love of trees was a force in developing his interest in recycling of the rovere tree. He selects aged eroded pylons of rovere from the Venetian canal system to be reborn as the stately legs and tabletops of modern furniture, sustaining the life of the tree and bringing the slow flow of the Venetian waterways into the home.
His feeling for materials and gift of design attracted him to the rovere pylons from the forests of Veneto that are used as markers in the canals of Venice. Prior to his current work using reborn timber, he has created magnificent lighting designs that are drawn from his passion for flow in design and effects of light.

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Maurizio is an award winning bio-architect and designer expert in colour, shape and flowing design to create a dynamic experience. In his creations he follows the anthroposophy philosophy and his atelier emanates wellness.

His workshop is his vision – witnessing the multivariant colours of trees that change with every minute of the day, and admiring the strength and vitality of the tree trunks.

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Montebello, as it was named until the annexation of Veneto in 1866, had been for most of the nearly 3000 years of its inhabitation, more a way to somewhere else than a place to go. It was on the Gallic Way and a stopover for crusaders on their way to and coming back from pillaging Jerusalem.

Napoleon camped here in 1797, much to the displeasure of the locals. Every 5 years the Vicento Montebellans, unsurprisingly, hold the Feast of Our Lady of the 5 Years, which inevitably results in a favourable weather change for the area – the next feast is 3 May 2015.

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