JON FATHOM - Stone Sculpture of Bears

  • JON FATHOM - Stone Sculpture of Bears
  • JON FATHOM - Stone Sculpture of Bears
  • JON FATHOM - Stone Sculpture of Bears
  • JON FATHOM - Stone Sculpture of Bears
  • JON FATHOM - Stone Sculpture of Bears

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Jon Fathom is a very special man, still in his artistic youth, yet a master marble sculptor of magnificent works with his studio of accomplished stone carvers and apprentices producing a wide range of nature in a variety of top quality stones selected by Jon. A visit to the Fathom Stone Art Gallery can be the start of a long journey of wonder. Admire the many carved bears plus the salmon, birds, and contemporary sculptures, all carved by Jon’s team and friends. Listen to Jon explain the meaning behind the range of Inukshuks. Then be beguiled into a stone carving class in the studio next door. For the brave carving the pieces of an Inukshuk is a door opener to the possible creation of your own bear, under the watchful eye and gentle coaching of Jon Fathom. Maybe your interest in one of the grand sculptures in the gallery will draw you to learn more about the art of stone carving, about creating life from stone, by visiting the Fathom Stone workshops south of Whistler. This is an experience not just of learning about stone carving but feeling the inspiration of the men who have become committed to sculpture of marble, in a way so similar to the renaissance sculptors. Take care when visiting the Fathom Stone Gallery, as your heart will be taken by the beauty and life in the stone carvings, and it is very difficult to take your leave without also taking a slice of that life with you.

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Jon Fathom is a master sculptor, an engaging raconteur of true stories and a man who loves stone bears. He came to sculpting through his own personal search, in his early 20’s, for meaning to his life.

Brought up in the snow of Juneau, Alaska, he exercised his sport abilities and then sought meaning, being given direction to sculpture from a prayer and has followed his. Through a period of apprenticeship and carving for commerce in Alaska, he developed his innate skill, and while still young, he mastered the challenging art of marble sculpture. Jon Fathom is a deep man with an abiding passion – 100 full size polar bears - 98 to go.

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Whistler started life in the late 19th century as a little-used trading route. The name comes from the cry of the hoary marmot. Early travelers, passing through the native area of Squamish 50km to the south, were enchanted by the beauty of the scenery in these valleys and by the magnificent mountain ranges.

To the distress and interest of the significant local bear population, in 1966 a ski-resort was opened and road and rail traffic was enhanced bringing Canadians and Australians in their droves to create what is the most popular ski resort in North America. The town continues to burgeon, as a year round resort, from the village that we knew when first visiting 20 years ago.

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