GIOVANNI SANTORO - Solar Sculpture

  • GIOVANNI SANTORO - Solar Sculpture
  • GIOVANNI SANTORO - Solar Sculpture
  • GIOVANNI SANTORO - Solar Sculpture
  • GIOVANNI SANTORO - Solar Sculpture

Energitismo Insight

The story of Solar Sculpture began in 2011 when a group of artists and technicians, adopting the Energitismo philosophy, freed the concepts of solar collector design from the slavery of the straight tube dictatorship, seeking an artistic solution that would excite the viewer whilestillhaving thermal functionality. In the beginning of 2013 a group of artists, led by Giovanni Santoro and Tiziana (Titt) Paci, gave different shapes to the tubes to reflect different life forms. Their first collection comprised Solar Jellyfish (Medusa) and Solar Leaves.
With Solar Mind and Solar Femininity the sculpture art assumed a more important role and the creativity of the artists generated masterpieces that are worthy to find a place in a museum, elegant garden or palace. The operational technology of each Solar Sculpture is hidden beneath the base of the sculpture. In these sculptures it is possible to warm water directly for an external shower or fountain, or to use a heat exchange fluid to warm the water in the storage tanks. The system can incorporate photocatalytic water purifying and photovoltaic power generation

The Creator



Giovanni Santoro is an architect and designer. He worked in the renewable energy sector where he found a meeting point between technology and design.

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