Serra dei Briganti (Greenhouse of the Bandits)

  • Serra dei Briganti (Greenhouse of the Bandits)

Energitismo Insight

This area of Lazio near the southern border of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies has seen the phenomenon of 'banditry', groups of people who opposed the unification of Italy. To check the area, on the crest of the mountain Mandrone surrounded by a thick forest, the robbers realized a small circular hut with walls of dry stones, about six meters in diameter, which is known as the "serra dei brigantil” (greenhouse of bandits) (or " cistern of thieves "). The bandits’ leaders also gave names to particular places as the the "Garofalo den", a deep cave on the ridge of the mountain and the Mount Fontanino and Sant'Olivo Mountain. After the surrender of Gaeta of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a group of bandits invaded Campodimele and the surrounding municipalities to re-establish the kingdom. They were defeated by Piedmontese troops.

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