ROBERTO LANARO - Sculptured Jewellery

  • ROBERTO LANARO - Sculptured Jewellery
  • ROBERTO LANARO - Sculptured Jewellery
  • ROBERTO LANARO - Sculptured Jewellery
  • ROBERTO LANARO - Sculptured Jewellery
  • ROBERTO LANARO - Sculptured Jewellery

Energitismo Insight

When you think of the sculpture most people immediately imagine a block of material from which you obtain the object by a form of subtraction. Carving marble removes a small piece with each ‘chip’. For bronze casting wax is modeled and encased in clay – then the wax is ‘lost’. Iron sculpture has its own imagery. Iron is a sign of strength and energy. And it is different: it is modelled. A work is unique and not reproducible. The Iron Age was the beginning of the modern era, when man found the metal with which to start building weapons, machines to cultivate the land, and tools to work and shape the forces of nature. Iron is a symbol of strength and if someone "wore iron" it meant he had armour on. With Roberto the situation changes and his love for metal from the experience of many years of practice at the forge has entered into precious jewels formed by shaping iron and other metals. As in the macrocosm of his sculptures, so in the microcosm of his jewellery. The strength of one becomes harmonic energy of the other, and the sculpted jewellery gives pleasure in the wearing.

The Creator



Roberto was practically born in a “smithy’s” workshop and in this laboratory he feels comfortable and it frees his creative force. From his father he inherited the skill in metalworking, but from the first experiments of functional sculpture he has developed his own artistic style through his innate feeling with the metal.

His sculptures have raw power, able to enhance the full force of the energy of the metal which make twists, tears and turns as if in the hands of a giant. And then deftly different finishes are applied. The result is harmonious and follows the philosophy of opposites as the lifeblood of the life process. The family has over 300 years of iron in the blood, and Roberto’s son is following in the family tradition of creativity and design in the workshop of Molvena.

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Molvena is located in the north west of Veneto, on the border between the plain and the mountains, where the hills begin to roll out of the landscape and the environment is sweet. Maybe the name comes from the Latin "Multae venae", in reference to the many water ‘veins’ that cross, seeking a route across the plain below. It is located on the border with Marostica from which it separated in 1606 when it appointed its own city council. And it is characterized by three distinct "villages" - Molvena, Mure and Villa – as written in the Code A of the city of Vicenza.

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